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Serious Personal Injury

If you believe you have been wrongfully hurt or injured, or you have suffered the death of a loved one or family member due to the negligence of a third party, please contact me for a free case consultation.

Sexual Harassment​

If an employee reports or complains about sexual harassment, the employer must take immediate and effective steps to end the harassment. An employer cannot retaliate against any employee who reports harassment or who participates in a harassment investigation. 

If you believe you are the victim of sexual harassment at work and your employer has taken no action or has retaliated against you, you should call for a free consultation.

Wrongful Termination

Despite at-will employment, however, your employer cannot fire you for a reason that violates state or federal law or public policy. If that occurs, you may have a wrongful termination claim and can fight back to recover your lost wages and benefits and other damages.

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, you can get the legal advice you need about where you stand. 

Legal Malpractice

The stress, difficulty and complications that result from an attorney’s malpractice or ethical violations leave many people with a lack of trust in attorneys and the legal system. Legal malpractice cases may involve a simple mistake by an attorney that causes the client to suffer economic damages. Cases can involve an attorney’s breach of their professional responsibilities, fiduciary and financial duties, or ethical obligations owed to the client. 

Medical malpractice

If a family member has died because of medical or hospital neglect or a physician’s mistake or malpractice, call to let us know what happened and why you think medical malpractice was involved. We will evaluate and investigate the case and prove your Doctor acted far below the standard of care, according to the testimony of topflight medical and  caused you debilitating injuries that require a Life Care Plan.

Insurance bad fAITH

In any situation, where an insurance company has made an unreasonable denial, or a “low ball” on your insurance claim or has made an unreasonable refusal to pay the policy limits of the wrongdoer’s insurance policy limits, we can help. Call for your free consultation.

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