Excessive Force by Police


Police officers are formally trained to handle situations where tensions are high and violence is a common occurrence. Officers are allowed by law to use force to defuse a situation, but once the situation has been calmed, any additional force is considered excessive. In instances where an individual is calm and respectful to officers, there is no excuse for any type of physical contact. Excessive force by a police officer can involve physical actions, such as punching or kicking a victim or unnecessary use of a stun-gun or Taser, as well as verbal intimidation, physical intimidation, and other inappropriate actions by officers of the law.

Some of the common forms of excessive or unnecessary force occur in the following situations:

  • Routine traffic stops that get out of control
  • Arrests or detentions
  • Conclusion of a pursuit
  • As a result of racial profiling
  • In jails, prisons, or detention centers

If you have been a victim of excessive force, we can help. 

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